Meet Dr. Zrinka Šimunić

Linguist. Discourse Specialist.
Researcher. Translator. Interpreter.
Translation Project Manager.


My Research and Professional Interests

My basic scientific interest is discourse analysis and how it touches upon media research, literature and traductology. The focus of my scientific work and research includes discourse analysis, text linguistics, genre analysis, referential pragma-semantics and discourse approach to analysis and evaluation of the translation process.


Published Works


Covering the issues of analysis of complex discourse categories in modular interaction-cognitive perspective, my doctoral dissertation was published in the electronic edition of the University of Geneva in 2005 and printed in the form of a book published by Editions Universitaires Européennes in 2010.
Apart from the doctorate, so far thirteen of my categorised papers have been published, the theoretical framework of which is the modular approach to the complexity of the discourse organisation: six original scientific papers, one review and one professional paper in the scientific publications of an international level (a1) and three original scientific papers, one previous communication and one review in the national scientific publications (a2). I gave presentations at ten international scientific meetings (in Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal and Romania).


Services I offer

The results of the conducted surveys show that best results are achieved by the modular approach to the complexity of discourse organisation and that modular approach has a comparative advantage with regard to other analysis models precisely in those areas that demand developed abilities in the production and interpretation/evaluation of various types and genres of oral and written discourse in various languages.
One such area is interpreting and translation as well as evaluation of translator’s competencies and translation quality control. The potential users of this model of analysis are translators, translation project managers and evaluators of translation competencies. Thus, the modular approach to the complexity of the discourse organisation can serve translators / translation project managers as a good translation strategy / translation quality control method in the measure in which the previous analysis of different dimensions and forms of discourse organisation in the source language is a precondition for its precise and complete translation into the target language. For the evaluators of translation competencies, the modular approach can serve as a theoretic framework for comparative analysis of translation variations.


Get in Touch

Contact Dr. Zrinka Šimunić regarding her published work, language services or any other inquires.

+387 33 445 203, +387 63 194 692

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+387 33 445 203, +387 63 194 692


Kralja Tvrtka 23
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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